1. nor said:

    i still don’t understand how is this better than firefox??

  2. hochit said:

    it’s much faster! and technically it’s more stable and responsive. i think they should have plugins to compete with firefox in term of function

  3. iamarlong said:


  4. hochit said:

    Safari 真係咁差?定係你裝咗啲plugin,我發覺Safari啲plugin例如Piclens好唔stable.不過最新airport都成日死,我想等10.5.5等重頭裝過 🙂

  5. i dun;t think i like the interface of the google chrome. i still prefer opera the whole information on the menu and sidebar.

    till know i still can’t find the favourite in the google chrome.

  6. hochit said:

    Functionally, it’s not that impressive. If you asked me I would still like the Safari on Mac 😛

  7. nor said:

    i like my firefox!!!

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