3 days without my Mac

I’m running my MacBook Pro 7×24, I thought my machine is luck from NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT GPU defeat. But finally, I found it’s not giving the hot temperature in Hong Kong last week. My display was found scrambled finally. So I sent it to CASE to replace the motherboard as already noted by Apple MacBook Pro: Distorted video or no video issues. My BAD (it means another closed service centre) experience told me it may spend more than 1 week including shipping of spare part and fix it. This time may be it’s an known issue, the repair time is amazingly short. This morning I checked CASE’s service status page, it told me my machine is ready to be picked!!!! Cool~~!! Though I started getting used to Ubuntu in these 3 days, I can spend more time to play games. But actually without a Mac, my life is like in hell! I can’t organize and edit my photos. Everything in Linux is very unhandy for me compare with Mac. My 2.4GHz MBP is still very smooth every have a virtual machine running! 🙂

Thx CASE, my last 2 experience are quite nice. I hope they can regain confidence from Apple users in Hong Kong. Btw, I hope their page can look nicer.


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