My long-lasting affair with AppleCare

It’s my Mac again being fixed. According to my memory, all Macs I owned got motherboard problem.

1. 1st generation 20″ G5 iMac got capacitor and power supply burning problem which Apple offered extensive repairing program. iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for
Power Supply Issues

2. Last generation G4 PowerBook suffered from logic board problem, memory slot would be out of order after some days, PowerBook G4 (15-inch 1.67/1.5GHz) Memory Slot Repair Extension Program . My serial no. wasn’t mentioned in the repair program. But hopefully I got purchase insurance from a chain store, so that I can claim the money (> HK$6k!!) and sell the machine finally. Also involved 4-5 times turned around because the service didn’t connect power LED, speakers, bluetooth properly… Well, the service centre named “BAD” was closed I found, Hallelujah!

3. My current 15″ Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro got Nvidia GPU overheat problem, MacBook Pro: Distorted video or no video issues. Actually I’ve asked AppleCare to replace the logic board. But after the service, seems

I saw the status checking site, they’re ordering spare parts for it. I wonder they have to replace the motherboard once again.


4. I hope no more… especially for my Mac mini which my girl friend is using. So far so good.

Though I still think Mac gave me less problem than PC so far, I’m really a lucky “honored” user, making good use of AppleCare. It’s hard to say whether AppleCare saved me from these, since all the cases are claimed by Apple it will have after warranty replacement. Except once before they replaced my MBP’s battery after 1 year of use.

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