Best iMac

As all you know Apple announced so many cool new products. New design plastic unibody white MacBook, upgraded Mac mini, Mac mini server and multi-touch Magic Mouse.
What I’m thinking is what’s the best deal after this announcement. Surely for students and for budget users the MacBook is the best deal. You don’t need to wait, order it now! For me, my 2.4G 15″ MacBook Pro is running smooth and fast. Still not urgent to replace it with any unibody MacBook Pro, I wonder even the coming year, I may not need to replace it, though it will be 3 year-old.

On the other hand, the new iMac especially the 27 inch model seems a very tempting model. Not just a little upgrade. Where can you find such a beautiful all-in-one desktop with a 2560×1440 display in the market? And one amazing feature that I complained before – the 27″ display allows you to use as display for other Mac!! That means the display port is both input and output! It’s excellent to use it as my Mac mini’s display also!! And more, the Intel i5 and i7 quad-core CPU option, it will be very powerful for video editing! More! bundled with wireless keyboard and new Magic mouse (you need to spend extra HK$1000 more for these before!)



I still remember the video advertisement on the bus this morning saying Lenovo all-in-one PC is the best seller… OMG, it’s too far to compete with iMac, sorry!

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