Yes, I’m die hard fans of Apple, Mac and also Aperture. I still have no intention to switch to Lightroom, though I I think many people are doing.

Functionally it’s working so well (except can’t quit probably sometimes…).

Aperture 3.3 update brought a new life to Aperture with a lot of improvements. It’s so great that Apple still showing their effort on maintaing this professional photo management software. And most important thing… the upgrade is free! 😀


Let’s start with some fun!

First, similar to AWB in many new cameras nowadays, it provides more control on WB color tune. 😉

More users, more demand. It’s time to upgrade my home network for an iMac, a Macbook Air, a Mac Mini and 2 iPhones.
Extending coverage and streaming HD vides TV for my wife makes an even bigger excuse! 😉

It’s so amazing that it has an option to replace and existing Apple router! By a single click, all settings will be cloned to the new device. Just few second, I can go online as before (of coz faster!) !

Both are so beautiful!! 😀

Airport Express

Airport Extreme

If you don’t know this, certainly you would miss a lot from Mac OS! Some PC switchers would complain the lack of functions from Mac OS right-click contextual menu. One historical reason is Apple mouse originally designed with one button. Unlikely Windows, application menu bar in Mac OS is not tied to application window but always on top of the screen. (It becomes complaint if it has no gesture, who cares right click anymore?!) Also, with shortcut keys and now multi-touch gestures, I seldom find myself need to right-click or look for something from contextual menu.

Well, if you still want to, in fact Mac OS gives us even more in flexibility. It comes from a great feature called “Services” which existed long time ago. It was not well recognized or used because it’s hidden in menu bar before.
From Lion, it’s well located in System Preferecens -> Keyboard Shortcut. It worths you to take a look and enable some of the stuffs that you would like.

I found 2 great services that improve my life!
– Convert selected text/file to traditional/simplified Chinese
– New Terminal at Folder

“Automator” is another secret weapon from Mac OS. You can add more automations by combining tasks or AppleScript. Convert the action into contextual menu that’s fun! 😀

Steve Jobs離世心情好複雜…不禁問56歲其實仲係好年生,仲有大把作為,仲有好多嘢未用「i」字行頭,點解咁快上天要佢走呢?點解天下間咁多無、冇用嘅廢柴可以長命百歲?

唔通生命真係不在乎長短?我相信Steve Jobs一定仲想活下去,因為佢必定有好多嘢想做,一定好想返工。但係如果我唔想返工,我係咪就變咗廢柴30歲已經係賺咗?起碼我肯定我冇影響過世界…