I would feel Facebook is the worst popular iOS app in the century. Bugs are so silly and obvious (do they know how to test?). It’s so unstable, always crash. I always wonder how this company do with their capital. If I’m the leader of their development team, I’ll fire someone give me this release notes…. It’s the worst I’ve seen! (Hey, may be they just outsource this to a 8 year-old kid! :P)

當蘋果開始籌組Safari Extension Gallery的同時,一眾Safari Extension已經急不及發熱發光。其中一個本土原創Chan-nel嘅i903 Extension真係值得一讚!除咗商台以外仲有得揀997、RTHK2,比Hong Kong Toolbar(叫自己HK也太霸道了吧!)優勝,相信不久嘅將來作者會加入更多頻道。如果你有邊用電腦邊聽收音機嘅習慣,要試下啦!(當然Safari 5是必須的)

至點樣開啟Safari 5 Extension就睇依篇文章 How to Enable Extensions in Safari 5


May be it’s too late for me as a Java developer to realize this! There’s no more old JDK exist in Snow Leopard!
Well, actually it’s neither a problem for general user nor Apple. Just if you’re working on a project which is still compiled by the aging JDK1.5, that would be a concern…

It’s quite tricky that Snow Leopard set all old JDK as alias to 1.6…. That why I thought they still exist…

If there’s way to keep our computers clean, stable, less power consumption and it’s free, open, portable, widely used, why not go for it? For videos, why we have to spend time and energy to convert our MP4 to FLV? For document sharing, if it can be done well with only the browsers, then why we need to open PDF reader? Even we can replace word processing, spreadsheet by we services. Scribd is showing us a great demonstration here in HTML5. 🙂

Scribd in HTML5 | Scribd