Yes, I’m die hard fans of Apple, Mac and also Aperture. I still have no intention to switch to Lightroom, though I I think many people are doing.

Functionally it’s working so well (except can’t quit probably sometimes…).

Aperture 3.3 update brought a new life to Aperture with a lot of improvements. It’s so great that Apple still showing their effort on maintaing this professional photo management software. And most important thing… the upgrade is free! 😀


Let’s start with some fun!

First, similar to AWB in many new cameras nowadays, it provides more control on WB color tune. 😉

Nikon 沉寂咗好一輪好耐都未有新機推出。我部D700都已經三歲大。有傳聞話佢會出mirror-less,唔通呢個倒數真係?…
如果係真的話對Nikon fans有冇影響呢?我好難想像大三元駁上去部mirror-less機仔度…