The bundle will be launched on November 8 and will be running until end of November. All applications participating in the bundle are full versions without any limitations:

• Sandvox by Karelia Software – Apple Design Award Winner Website building application
• AtomicView by AntZero – Digital content management
• Posterino 2 – a new release by Zykloid Software – Compose posters from multiple photos
• Sketch – A new vector drawing application by Apple Design Award winner Bohemian Coding
• Swift Publisher by BeLight Software – Page layout application for designing fliers, newsletters, brochures etc.
• Layers by Wuonm – Capture screen as a PSD Layered Image
• Snapshot by LateNiteSoft – Photo-lab on a Mac: Image editing and printing
• ImageFramer 3 by Apparent Software – A brand new re-design of a popular image and photo framing application
• Hydra by Creaceed – Easily create HDR images • DVD-Library by iSkysoft: Bonus application for building a photographic DVD Library

當蘋果開始籌組Safari Extension Gallery的同時,一眾Safari Extension已經急不及發熱發光。其中一個本土原創Chan-nel嘅i903 Extension真係值得一讚!除咗商台以外仲有得揀997、RTHK2,比Hong Kong Toolbar(叫自己HK也太霸道了吧!)優勝,相信不久嘅將來作者會加入更多頻道。如果你有邊用電腦邊聽收音機嘅習慣,要試下啦!(當然Safari 5是必須的)

至點樣開啟Safari 5 Extension就睇依篇文章 How to Enable Extensions in Safari 5


If you’re like me using Google Reader to consolidate and organize your feeds, you may find many Safari 5 extensions out there useful to enhance your feed reading experience.

1. GReader
It adds a feed button with the number of unread news in Safari menu bar, very handy!

2. Google Reader Style
Some styles for Google Reader can be selected. I don’t like the default Google Reader style.

And it has some Twitter clients support like Tweetie. I do hope Adium will have its Twitter extension soon.
To find more extensions, you can visit

Before we can really have our hands on the new iPhone 4G, actually the release of Safari 5 is a bigger news that people may miss out. It’s showing how Apple pay afford and get ready to the new era of web development and open standard – HTML5.

Safari 5 requires 1Password 3.2, other plugins like ClickToFlash and Speed Download have no problem with Safari 5

I’m not sure the requirement of new Reader feature. It works for some technical reading sites that I usually surf.

Reader view, you can change font size, mail or print the article in better printing format.

Extension is a “secret” hidden feature! It answers to complaints that Safari couldn’t have plugin like Firefox. Wish many useful extensions will appear soon!