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More users, more demand. It’s time to upgrade my home network for an iMac, a Macbook Air, a Mac Mini and 2 iPhones.
Extending coverage and streaming HD vides TV for my wife makes an even bigger excuse! 😉

It’s so amazing that it has an option to replace and existing Apple router! By a single click, all settings will be cloned to the new device. Just few second, I can go online as before (of coz faster!) !

Both are so beautiful!! 😀

Airport Express

Airport Extreme

Steve Jobs離世心情好複雜…不禁問56歲其實仲係好年生,仲有大把作為,仲有好多嘢未用「i」字行頭,點解咁快上天要佢走呢?點解天下間咁多無、冇用嘅廢柴可以長命百歲?

唔通生命真係不在乎長短?我相信Steve Jobs一定仲想活下去,因為佢必定有好多嘢想做,一定好想返工。但係如果我唔想返工,我係咪就變咗廢柴30歲已經係賺咗?起碼我肯定我冇影響過世界…

足足四年前買的Macbook Pro經歷過換motherboard,換super-drive,換過三次電池,再跌過一次落地依然不死。
好希望部Macbook Air真係飛之前收到,更希望佢生生性性!:)