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Please don’t argue blindly and see the factor why HTML5 is better than Flash for watching HD video! A primary school can do that same comparison! My machine (Macbook Pro 07″) doesn’t even have hardware acceleration. Flash consumed 20-30% more CPU power than HTML5. I won’t pay to upgrade my computer or mobile just because Flash exhausted them. Also, please save energy consumption and save the world!!

Play Vimeo HD with Flash

Play Vimeo HD with HTML5

The software update window pops up and tells me this.

I’m quite get used to Aperture 3 now, though sometimes I would still mess up the new full screen feature in Aperture 3.
In Aperture 2 full screen – f key always shows you single photo in full screen. But in Aperture 3 which depends on the view of main window. If you’re in browser view, pressing f key will bring you to full screen with all photos like in browser view.

It’s happy that Aperture 3 keeps improving. Well, you may criticize why it’s not prefect in the very beginning, but what can be? At least they’ve addressed the critical problems I found. 3.0.1 improved speed, 3.0.2 fixed slow empty trash problem. Hope it’s going to be stable. I’m not looking for any new feature honestly, it’s really good enough or too much. I don’t want it to be another Photoshop, though the new video import, selective editing and curve adjustment are good stuff to replace the need of Photoshop.

I know it will be tones of photos that I need to work on. 🙂

I have been using my first generation (2G) iPhone for almost 2 and a half year while looking at all my friends and colleagues have updated theirs to 3G or 3GS. Actually I still don’t feel the necessity of following this trend. Please look back to 2 years ago before the first iPhone launched and before it’s so popular like what you can see on streets. We’re still using those stupid slow PDA phones like Windows Mobile, Symbian OS, they crashed so often, didn’t support full feature web browsing, applications are very limited. I felt using non-PDA phones sometimes even better. So now, if you compare the first-gen iPhone to the newest 3GS or Android, it loses because of the speed. But functionally it still works the same. Moreover, 2G EDGE plan is cheaper than 3G!

However, if the 4G iPhone rumor is real, it makes more sense to upgrade with double resolution! Of cause, I would like to have GPS to draw my ski map next time. Looking forward to the new design. 🙂

Btw, keep the iPhone for Android development seems fun also. Though I want to sell mine to compensate the cost of new one…