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27" iMac Display Fixed, originally uploaded by hochit.

基本上我用過咁多部Mac冇一部未call過AppleCare。今次部27″ iMac都唔例外,用咗兩個月已經發覺個畫面某部份變黑,自己仲以為係入面積塵,call咗AppleCare,以為有掛check,反而好快佢哋就話要訂零件!原來真係唔係污穢,成塊27″LCD要換!不過師傅手工唔錯三兩下手已經換完,仲提我女友影相!

不過Apple本身真係要檢討下,其實我以前部15″ LED MacBook Pro都有類似問題,只不過因為跌過CASE死都話係我人為,今次冇咁笨!




究竟香港幾時先有真正的Genius Bar 呢?

Removal Notice 遷址通知
CASE (Apple Authorized Service Provider)
Mongkok Service Centre
will be relocated to the following premises with effective from
10th May 2010
3604 World Trade Centre
280 Gloucester Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

(Apple 授權服務提供商) 旺角服務中心
謹訂於 2010 年 5 月 10 日遷往下列地址:

CASE Service Booking System

AppleCare replaced my MacBook Pro logic board including the battery again!! So far so go this time! My machine has been running 5 days 24 hours but not yet have any problem. They left me a QC report on my desktop (how they know my password??) and also a log of service check up in the report. Very satisfied by the service this time. 🙂


The only bad thing is since the logic board was replaced, I need to authorized this “new” computer in iTunes again. So 2 out of 5 chances of authorization was used up due to the fix!!!

Hope my machine can last until next big MBP update.

Battery life extended 🙂

What a coincident! I just got a very great AppleCare experience today. And the same time Ken Rockwell posted his blog about upgrade his Mac. Some friends heard my MacBook Pro was dead again and again and started asking me whether Mac is still good for me. I told them I must get trouble 10 times if I use Windows. Just in this week without my Mac, I tried to use Windows 7 and got so many troubles! If you say my PC is too old for Windows 7, then what’s the point of saving the money for buying a PC?

I’m so agree with what Ken said

My computers serve me. Sadly too many people are slaves to servicing Windows. I spent more time writing about my trivially pleasant experience this morning than it took me to upgrade.

Why do I write this stuff? Because I feel sorry for people who think they’re saving $50 by buying new crappy Dells, Vaios, and whatevers and then spend $300 in later upgrades to get what a Mac would have done right out of the box, and still have to deal with viruses, backtalk from their computers and all the crap they take for granted, when simply buying a Mac instead next time will let you get your work done, and enjoy it.

It’s my Mac again being fixed. According to my memory, all Macs I owned got motherboard problem.

1. 1st generation 20″ G5 iMac got capacitor and power supply burning problem which Apple offered extensive repairing program. iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for
Power Supply Issues

2. Last generation G4 PowerBook suffered from logic board problem, memory slot would be out of order after some days, PowerBook G4 (15-inch 1.67/1.5GHz) Memory Slot Repair Extension Program . My serial no. wasn’t mentioned in the repair program. But hopefully I got purchase insurance from a chain store, so that I can claim the money (> HK$6k!!) and sell the machine finally. Also involved 4-5 times turned around because the service didn’t connect power LED, speakers, bluetooth properly… Well, the service centre named “BAD” was closed I found, Hallelujah!

3. My current 15″ Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro got Nvidia GPU overheat problem, MacBook Pro: Distorted video or no video issues. Actually I’ve asked AppleCare to replace the logic board. But after the service, seems

I saw the status checking site, they’re ordering spare parts for it. I wonder they have to replace the motherboard once again.


4. I hope no more… especially for my Mac mini which my girl friend is using. So far so good.

Though I still think Mac gave me less problem than PC so far, I’m really a lucky “honored” user, making good use of AppleCare. It’s hard to say whether AppleCare saved me from these, since all the cases are claimed by Apple it will have after warranty replacement. Except once before they replaced my MBP’s battery after 1 year of use.

I’m running my MacBook Pro 7×24, I thought my machine is luck from NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT GPU defeat. But finally, I found it’s not giving the hot temperature in Hong Kong last week. My display was found scrambled finally. So I sent it to CASE to replace the motherboard as already noted by Apple MacBook Pro: Distorted video or no video issues. My BAD (it means another closed service centre) experience told me it may spend more than 1 week including shipping of spare part and fix it. This time may be it’s an known issue, the repair time is amazingly short. This morning I checked CASE’s service status page, it told me my machine is ready to be picked!!!! Cool~~!! Though I started getting used to Ubuntu in these 3 days, I can spend more time to play games. But actually without a Mac, my life is like in hell! I can’t organize and edit my photos. Everything in Linux is very unhandy for me compare with Mac. My 2.4GHz MBP is still very smooth every have a virtual machine running! 🙂

Thx CASE, my last 2 experience are quite nice. I hope they can regain confidence from Apple users in Hong Kong. Btw, I hope their page can look nicer.