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If you’re used to consolidate all your feeds by using Google Reader, MobileRSS most likely the best iPhone application work together. First, I have to explain how good to use Google Reader as your RSS reader. It’s portable, as long as you got internet connection and browser, you can read your feeds on the road, overseas wherever. Most important, it keeps a single copy of your feed, you wouldn’t be messed up what’s read or unread. On my mac, I love the free Google Reader client – NetNewsWire. They had their own online feed subscription before but now the free client also using Google Reader as the repository. However, NetNewsWire for iPhone is not that great as the one for Mac. It always crashes especially with Chinese headline, no caching and no trimmed version of the detail. Recently, I addict to MobileRSS, not just because it’s a stable Google Reader client in iPhone. I found the extensible of features just meet my need. The UI looks like any standard iPhone app, but it’s not true! I wonder how they tweak the interface to it so interesting, you can bounce the news list to refresh the page, swipe the news appear different functions, previous and next button or finger stroke feel so good and also can detail the trimmed detail in full screen!

News list and refresh

Click into a news

Full screen detail and trimmed using Google mobile proxy

Swipe on the news

Share the news in Facebook, Twitter, …. I like it!

Unlike the just passed MacHeist nanoBundle, I feel the Macupdate bundle is more tempting (sorry, though it’s not like MacHeist for charity propose). Only Parallels 5 itself worths the money! As I remember Parallels upgrade needs this among already. An the other apps are more useful also. I like DVDMaster Pro, though I owned 5 already. Hydra is a very expensive tool if you wanna try HDR.

Btw, I found it has extra discount, buy 3 get 1 free!! Group with your Mac friends! 😉

We love and hate Flash. It could be funny for giving us games and a lot of multimedia effect in web pages. But sometimes web pages are using it too much! And it consumes too much computation power. I found ClickToFlash is a great tool for Safari (I guess Firefox would have similar plug-in). Now I can load and Flash brick I want selectively. It has whitelist that you can add your favourite sites without such checking again. Also you can select H.264 before loading video from like YouTube.

Actually I don’t know it’s caused by Safari or Flash. But my observation is Flash can drive your Mac like a heater, may be it’s good in the winter.
When started using Snow Leopard 10.6, Safari can nicely release CPU resource when you minimize it or changing to other tab. However, it’s not the case after updating to 10.6.1 (with Flash security update) or 10.6.2. Until the Safari update 4.0.4 Apple just released, the problem can be really solved. Hope this will not come back forever!

I still agree Flash is not capable to fit into mobile device unless they can have their code be more environmental friendly!

All Facebook games are Flash monsters, they keep releasing CO2. CPU now running at 105% and machine temperature went up to 80C and even higher!

Switched to my blogging tab, CPU usage by Safari dropped to 35% and temperature is going down.