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Apple moved all apps to iCloud after the announcement? Who cares from cloud or hell the apps or songs being downloaded as long as they’re not personal data. It’s nice to see what apps you’ve got / purchased. Apple should add a summary of how much of our money has vaporized to the cloud! 🙂


打唔贏隱藏大佬,休息咗一排估唔一出update就打爆機,可能事關有新武器, hehe 🙂
依家進入第二循環 (NewGame+),所有武器同錢由頭計過,不過level照舊。上次level 50打爆,唔知今次會唔會快好多呢。
真係估唔到咁抵玩,玩極唔完! 🙂

I would feel Facebook is the worst popular iOS app in the century. Bugs are so silly and obvious (do they know how to test?). It’s so unstable, always crash. I always wonder how this company do with their capital. If I’m the leader of their development team, I’ll fire someone give me this release notes…. It’s the worst I’ve seen! (Hey, may be they just outsource this to a 8 year-old kid! :P)