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Unlike Safari, it’s quite strange and no way to set default encoding in preference in Mail.
Also you may get complaints from friends that using web mail which doesn’t not convert encoding automatically.
To make sure every time when you compose a new email, it’s using the encoding you want, you can invoke this command from Terminal.

e.g. Hong Kong Chinese Character Set
defaults write NSPreferredMailCharset "BIG5-HKSCS"


Apple – Support – Discussions – kmail: Fixing Tiger Mail Encodings

Many features in the new Safari 3 bundled with Leopard, not everybody would realize but once you know you will definitely be amazed.

Go to Terminal and type to enable this switch.

defaults write WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true

Or you can use xMod to do the same.

Have you even noticed “Inspect Element” when you ctrl-click on a web page?

Amazingly, it would show a DOM element inspector window or inline below the page! You can inspect the source code in plain text or XML hierarchy, highlight style sheet and check style properties on right panel. It’s so cool for web developer!

And you see Console and Network on lower left-hand corner. I don’t know what’s the use of Console. But if you press on Network, it will bring up another gorgeous view!! It shows how long Safari took to load all the web contents in the page and also their size!

Including myself, many Java developers are scratching their heads because of the stability issue of Eclipse after upgrading their Mac OS X to Leopard. It’s mentioned in so many Java forums and also Apple Discussion forum, but don’t know why neither Eclipse nor Apple has update about problem. Eclipse would crash and close itself if you try some of your familiar shortcut keys.

Hopefully, I searched the net and thanks to plan4041, he posted a hint how to resolve this problem. You may find the latest build of Eclipse from For me, I’m using 3.3, so I got M20080130-0800. Extract the latest build and copy these 2 files from the build to replace your local copy.


I don’t know what have been changed in the build lately and not sure if it has solved the problem totally. But what I feel is now I can use command+shift+T that I used most and it would crashed Eclipse very often before.

Honestly I’m happy with Leopard except this issue. Hope you can still continue your Java development in Leopard!


OS X Leopard 其中一項強大又鮮為人留意的功能便是Dictionary。特別之處在於它留下了一條小小的尾巴,用戶其實可以自由增減字典集,Leopard本身預載但沒有被啟動的日文字典便是一個好例子。

今天收到一篇麥課一班論壇裡提到怎樣為Leopard增加字典集的留言。於是我便照著以同一方法「翻譯」了繁體中文的《牛津現代英語雙解詞典》《21世紀英漢漢英雙向詞典》,大家只要下載並解壓到 ~/Library/Dictionaries 便大功告成!如果嫌不夠還可以到這裡下載更多字典,再依照麥課班的方法自己再轉換。

解壓到 ~/Library/Dictionaries


Ctrl + Command + D 沒問題

Spotlight 也一樣可以

Dictionary Widget