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千呼萬喚始出來!等了這麼久終於等到i5和i7的MacBook Pro推出本應是件很興奮的事,還有多吸引的1680×1050 anti-glare screen可供選擇,但偏偏口袋裡缺錢,此刻只能…… 唉!

AppleCare replaced my MacBook Pro logic board including the battery again!! So far so go this time! My machine has been running 5 days 24 hours but not yet have any problem. They left me a QC report on my desktop (how they know my password??) and also a log of service check up in the report. Very satisfied by the service this time. 🙂


The only bad thing is since the logic board was replaced, I need to authorized this “new” computer in iTunes again. So 2 out of 5 chances of authorization was used up due to the fix!!!

Hope my machine can last until next big MBP update.

Battery life extended 🙂