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27" iMac Display Fixed, originally uploaded by hochit.

基本上我用過咁多部Mac冇一部未call過AppleCare。今次部27″ iMac都唔例外,用咗兩個月已經發覺個畫面某部份變黑,自己仲以為係入面積塵,call咗AppleCare,以為有掛check,反而好快佢哋就話要訂零件!原來真係唔係污穢,成塊27″LCD要換!不過師傅手工唔錯三兩下手已經換完,仲提我女友影相!

不過Apple本身真係要檢討下,其實我以前部15″ LED MacBook Pro都有類似問題,只不過因為跌過CASE死都話係我人為,今次冇咁笨!


Actually I don’t know it’s caused by Safari or Flash. But my observation is Flash can drive your Mac like a heater, may be it’s good in the winter.
When started using Snow Leopard 10.6, Safari can nicely release CPU resource when you minimize it or changing to other tab. However, it’s not the case after updating to 10.6.1 (with Flash security update) or 10.6.2. Until the Safari update 4.0.4 Apple just released, the problem can be really solved. Hope this will not come back forever!

I still agree Flash is not capable to fit into mobile device unless they can have their code be more environmental friendly!

All Facebook games are Flash monsters, they keep releasing CO2. CPU now running at 105% and machine temperature went up to 80C and even higher!

Switched to my blogging tab, CPU usage by Safari dropped to 35% and temperature is going down.

Facebook login is problematic, sometimes can’t login even your username & password is right. I doubt how they handle cookie or their single sign-in is not so robust. These few days I found they always return my blank home screen. To fix this you may clean up your browser’s cookie (empty cache doesn’t work). If like me you’re using Safari, you can simply filter all Facebook cookie in Preferences -> Security -> Show Cookies, and then delete all of them. 🙂


Well… It’s quite upset I always got complaints that I didn’t pick up phone call~~~
Now I found the reason…

You can check by dialing a secret code: *3001#12345#* and go into a Field Test App
GSM Cell Environment -> GPRS Information -> Network Operation Mode

I’m using Peoples, at least from home I’m checking now, the network belongs to GPRS NOM2 (002)!! Damn!

A GPRS network 130 can be designed to operate in three network operation modes (NOM1, NOM2 and NOM3). A network operation modes of a GPRS network is indicated by a parameter in system information messages transmitted within a cell. The system information messages dictates a MS where to listen for paging messages and how signal towards the network. The network operation mode represents the capabilities of the GPRS network. In a NOM1 network, a MS can receive pages from a circuit switched domain (voice call) when engaged in a data call. The MS can suspend the data call or take both simultaneously, depending on the ability of the MS, In a NOM2 network, a MS may not received pages from a circuit switched domain when engaged in a data call, since the MS is receiving data and is not listening to a paging channel In a NOM3 network, a MS can monitor pages for a circuit switched network while received data and vise versa.

iPhones, in some situations, can’t take incoming calls while on EDGE | iPhone Atlas – CNET Reviews