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Before we can really have our hands on the new iPhone 4G, actually the release of Safari 5 is a bigger news that people may miss out. It’s showing how Apple pay afford and get ready to the new era of web development and open standard – HTML5.

Safari 5 requires 1Password 3.2, other plugins like ClickToFlash and Speed Download have no problem with Safari 5

I’m not sure the requirement of new Reader feature. It works for some technical reading sites that I usually surf.

Reader view, you can change font size, mail or print the article in better printing format.

Extension is a “secret” hidden feature! It answers to complaints that Safari couldn’t have plugin like Firefox. Wish many useful extensions will appear soon!

We love and hate Flash. It could be funny for giving us games and a lot of multimedia effect in web pages. But sometimes web pages are using it too much! And it consumes too much computation power. I found ClickToFlash is a great tool for Safari (I guess Firefox would have similar plug-in). Now I can load and Flash brick I want selectively. It has whitelist that you can add your favourite sites without such checking again. Also you can select H.264 before loading video from like YouTube.

Adobe just published their Flash Player 10.1 pre-release. They claimed it support hardware graphic acceleration. However, as usual they may not port any improvement to Mac. They claimed it’s because Apple didn’t provide them API to make the improvement.
Anyway, I took the risk to try it. Amazingly, even my relatively old MacBook Pro can have 20% of CPU resource gain when playing Flash video.

Adobe Labs – Adobe Flash Player 10.1

Before installing, you should quit Safari. And I ran the uninstaller for Flash as well.

Flash Player 10.0

Flash Player 10.1 pre-release

Actually I don’t know it’s caused by Safari or Flash. But my observation is Flash can drive your Mac like a heater, may be it’s good in the winter.
When started using Snow Leopard 10.6, Safari can nicely release CPU resource when you minimize it or changing to other tab. However, it’s not the case after updating to 10.6.1 (with Flash security update) or 10.6.2. Until the Safari update 4.0.4 Apple just released, the problem can be really solved. Hope this will not come back forever!

I still agree Flash is not capable to fit into mobile device unless they can have their code be more environmental friendly!

All Facebook games are Flash monsters, they keep releasing CO2. CPU now running at 105% and machine temperature went up to 80C and even higher!

Switched to my blogging tab, CPU usage by Safari dropped to 35% and temperature is going down.

Facebook login is problematic, sometimes can’t login even your username & password is right. I doubt how they handle cookie or their single sign-in is not so robust. These few days I found they always return my blank home screen. To fix this you may clean up your browser’s cookie (empty cache doesn’t work). If like me you’re using Safari, you can simply filter all Facebook cookie in Preferences -> Security -> Show Cookies, and then delete all of them. 🙂