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May be it’s too late for me as a Java developer to realize this! There’s no more old JDK exist in Snow Leopard!
Well, actually it’s neither a problem for general user nor Apple. Just if you’re working on a project which is still compiled by the aging JDK1.5, that would be a concern…

It’s quite tricky that Snow Leopard set all old JDK as alias to 1.6…. That why I thought they still exist…

昨晚蘋果終於推出了Snow Leopard 10.6的第三個更新,足足相隔了五個月(這代表已經很穩定嗎?)。更新的內容不作多談,反正通常都感覺不到(其實過絕對是優點,你看Windows的Service Pack…)。不過安裝過後發現了一個對中文用家來說不得不提的驚喜,就是蘋果終於更改了10.6系統的預設中文字型-黑體的筆順!!回想起當初用10.6的時候看得很不順眼,幸好安裝了TCFail把預設的字體改回10.5的儷黑體,但因為儷黑筆劃比較粗壯,犧牲了閱讀性。現在這更正可謂兩者兼備,是中文用家的一大喜訊!



Actually I don’t know it’s caused by Safari or Flash. But my observation is Flash can drive your Mac like a heater, may be it’s good in the winter.
When started using Snow Leopard 10.6, Safari can nicely release CPU resource when you minimize it or changing to other tab. However, it’s not the case after updating to 10.6.1 (with Flash security update) or 10.6.2. Until the Safari update 4.0.4 Apple just released, the problem can be really solved. Hope this will not come back forever!

I still agree Flash is not capable to fit into mobile device unless they can have their code be more environmental friendly!

All Facebook games are Flash monsters, they keep releasing CO2. CPU now running at 105% and machine temperature went up to 80C and even higher!

Switched to my blogging tab, CPU usage by Safari dropped to 35% and temperature is going down.

I’m lazy to change my Mac’s location profile after going to office everyday. It was so upset the old MacroPolo didn’t work for Snow Leopard. The WiFi toggle didn’t work. I just know the developer still working on it after so many responses in the forum. And he’s even developing 3.0!

Temporary fix for WiFi issues with MarcoPolo 2.5.1 on Snow Leopard – MarcoPolo Discussion | Google Groups