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拜Stocks Widget實在太方便所賜,昨日本來只不過想查一查字典,見到港圓兌日圓近乎三個月低位(0.0788),手痕第一次用e-banking兌咗HK$1000。估唔到今日又升返上0.080(唔通好多人跟我買??),賺咗!!


人哋摩底一摩幾十萬,我就摩得兩蚊! 😀

If you have the habit of using the default Unit Converter widget like me. And if you have your Safari upgrade to 4.0 beta. You would find similar unrealistic exchange rate (for the market now who knows!), don’t be shocked. It’s a reported problem.



Following this hint from, its initiative is to change the order of currency menu, but it can fix this problem as well.

It has been long time that I recommended any widget. Recently I checked the version of any updated widget. Here is one called PEMDAS, I like the interface changed in version 1.1. I found I prefer to type the whole formula all the time instead of press the keys in Calculator or similar application. It’s so simple! You can even use ANS to take the next step of calculation. Also it will auto cache the result of each step! I’m sure science student would love it the most! Though, it provides scientific functions but I think housewife would like it as well. It’s easy to use.