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I tried to update my WordPress to 3.0.1 and got so many problems. It seems not easy and smooth as previous updates.
Problems occurred again and again. “Could not create directory. /public_html.”, “Could not copy file.: /public_html/x/wp-admin/css/”… “. And I even change files permission wrong and crash my whole blog! Hopefully I can restore everything from backup (ALWAYS backup is eternally true!). And end up I just follow the steps from WordPress and perform manual update, actually it’s pretty easy, just replacing all files, I can’t see the reason why it has so many problems before. Anyway, if you got the same problem, make sure you have stable connection to your host and do manual update! Again, remember to backup your site beforehand!

Updating WordPress « WordPress Codex

Get bored by the old theme in this blog. Just spend a little time to change a new theme and tweak the widgets.There’re not many good looking themes from WordPress service you can select, but it’s free, so who can complaint? I wish to have the content column wider, otherwise it would kill my photo or video resolution. May be I should find one with single column. I still like it far more than blogging service provided by Yahoo or MSN. It’s more open in WordPress, at least I can host it somewhere else with the same theme or even the data exported.

Well, time to setup something NEW.